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Where should I go for orthodontics in Pinner?

Apple Dental Studios is proud to employ experienced and talented dental professionals who specialise in the area of orthodontics. We are also affiliated with other clinics that specialise in orthodontics in Pinner, allowing us to refer patients for the most appropriate treatments quickly and efficiently. Being able to access the appropriate treatments you require locally is a vital convenience we are delighted to provide. Discover the importance of choosing the right orthodontic treatment clinic for your needs and how we can help create the smile you have always wanted.

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics involves the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that result in incorrect positioning of teeth. An orthodontist is a dental professional that has specifically trained for many years in correcting the position of teeth. Incorrect positioning can include crooked teeth, too many teeth, having an overbite or underbite, and jaw misalignment. Such conditions can occur at the foetal stage of development, but some problems can be caused by being involved in an accident or by habits such as thumb-sucking as a child. Having misaligned teeth is not just an aesthetic problem, and teeth that are incorrectly positioned can have an impact on your eating and speech. Our orthodontists can help you to regain your confidence and ensure difficulties with eating or speaking caused by dental problems are addressed and treated appropriately.

Orthodontics in Pinner at Apple Dental Studios

When your confidence has been affected by crooked teeth it can be difficult to imagine that you will ever want to smile again. However, we at Apple Dental Studios provide contemporary methods to straighten teeth discreetly and quickly. Among our treatments we feature clear aligners from Clearstep and Inman Aligners, in addition to offering invisible braces in the form of braces that are bonded to the back of your teeth making them extremely difficult to see. Patients also have the option of having clear brackets from Six Month Smiles attached to their teeth which, when removed, are sometimes followed by aligners to achieve the desired result. We assess each patient and their individual needs to ensure you receive the most appropriate treatment and sometimes use a combination of treatments to ensure the best outcome for you. For more information about orthodontics in Pinner and how our treatments can help you to achieve the smile you have always desired, get in touch today.

How much do treatments cost?

The cost of treatment can vary depending on how much you wish to pay and which treatment is required. You will always be informed of how much each consultation and treatment will cost as we believe in complete transparency throughout the entire process. You can see many treatment costs via our website, but most treatments will require an individual assessment so that you receive an accurate breakdown of costs for any treatment you may require. Should you have any questions about any of our treatments, please do get in touch and we will be happy to help in any way we can.

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