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Orthodontics in Pinner; what can I expect?

The first thing you can expect at Apple Dental Studio is to be greeted with a smile and treated with care. You’re important to us; when you receive orthodontics in Pinner, we try to make sure that your entire time at our studio goes as smoothly as possible. When you make a booking with us, you can expect to consult with one of our trained and professional team members. And this attention to you and your dental needs continues right through every consultation and treatment day.

As one of the dental studios that offer orthodontics in Pinner, we try to make sure that you have several options available to you. This also allows you to understand each process and how it suits your individual case.

Orthodontic treatments at Apple Dental Studio

Orthodontic treatments or procedures can be loosely described as using techniques and braces to gently align your teeth into better positioning. This process can take some time, but the end results are worth the wait.

Our dentists, nurses, and hygienists are always looking for ways to stay informed about new and improved dental practices and technology. With this in mind, we implement several orthodontic systems.

If you prefer to have your teeth realigned over time, with more flexibility than conventional braces, clear aligners are your next best friend. Clear braces are plastic brackets created just for your dental framework, and over time, they shift your teeth. Being removable and clear means that your social, professional and home life will suffer little impact.

Inman aligners are removable appliances that are used to bring your front teeth into alignment quickly. This method of orthodontics is usually carried out before moving onto other treatment plans like bonded fillings.

Six Month Smiles are similar to conventional braces as they bond to each tooth and they are connected by thin wires. The difference? The wires are of a similar colour to your teeth. This allows for some discretion. Over time, each tooth is gently pulled into its correct position.

You also have the option of getting lingual braces which are another form of orthodontics in Pinner that we offer. This option is for you if you prefer to be discreet about your dental work. Like the Six Month Smiles, a bracket is attached to each tooth. Instead of the brackets being attached to the front of the teeth, the brackets and wires are lined behind each individual tooth. People won’t see them (unless you show them) and you can rest easy knowing that your teeth are slowly working their way into the correct place.

How should I care for my teeth during and after treatment?

During and after your orthodontic treatment, you need to brush, floss and schedule appointments with us at Apple Dental Studio, so we can check that your teeth and gums are staying in tip-top shape. It’s also important to note that what you eat and drink can greatly affect your dental health. Try to minimise food and drink that can damage your teeth.

While you’re in our care, we’ll also make sure to run you through tips and techniques on how you can keep your teeth and gums healthy.

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