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The process of correcting teeth that are out of line with orthodontics

For patients looking to improve the look and function of their teeth, orthodontics in Pinner remains the standard option. In the past, wearing braces was typically reserved for teenagers, but the trend is changing with more and more adults jumping on the braces bandwagon. This change is a result of a number of factors that have been introduced into the dental industry. Design innovations such as invisible plastic aligners, affordability, faster results and accessibility to treatment have resulted in an increase of patients seeking to correct teeth misalignment and bite issues.

Teeth and bite issues vary from typical overcrowding to positioning of upper and lower jaws. At Apple Dental Studios we know that the number of options to correct teeth issues can be overwhelming for our patients. This is why we offer a simple and straightforward process from an information consultation appointment to follow-ups during treatment. This is what our patients can usually expect.

Timeline to get teeth in line

1. Schedule begins with a consultation

No matter which treatment option you prefer, the first step in the process of receiving orthodontic treatment in Pinner is a comprehensive consultation followed by an examination of your mouth with an experienced dentist. At our dental clinic our dental practitioners will offer expert advice after assessing your situation (X-rays may be taken), discuss all available options including costs, duration and benefits of each, address your concerns, factor in the treatment that best meets your needs and outline your treatment plan. It will help our dentists if you have your medical history information with you as this may affect treatment options.

2. Dental appliance made based on model

Our dentist will create a plaster model of your teeth and a laboratory will then use this model on which to base the actual dental device that will fit into your mouth.

3. Fitting appointment

Once your device has been made, patients will then need to arrange an appointment for the device to be fitted and adjusted (if necessary). Our dentist will also provide guidelines as to how to best take care of your device which should be carefully followed. If it is broken or damaged in any way, this may affect or delay your treatment outcomes. At this appointment we may also recommend an interval of follow-up and maintenance appointments. We urge that all patients keep to these appointments as they are essential to ensure treatment is going according to plan.

4. Wear device for duration recommended by dentist

There is no set duration for treatment options in orthodontics in Pinner as this depends on an individual patient’s situation, needs and outcomes. Traditionally, wearers of braces would have needed to wear them on average 12 to 18 months, but with the availability of plastic aligners, this timeframe is often drastically reduced.

5. Importance of wearing retainers after treatment

It has now been established that teeth continue to move even after they have been realigned into position. This means that wearing retainers (as directed) to keep them into position is not voluntary but a necessity.

Should you have any questions regarding the treatment process involved in straightening teeth, please do not hesitate to contact us Apple Dental Studios. We look forward to helping you to better dental health.

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