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Do you know all the types of dental issues that orthodontics can correct?

Dental treatment reserved for straightening wonky teeth works on two important levels. The first is to improve the function of patients’ teeth while also enhancing the appearance of teeth. A secondary role comes into play as straighter teeth make it easier for patients to clean their teeth and gums more effectively, and as a consequence, this leads to overall better oral health long-term and the prevention of dental diseases. For patients whose reasons concern cosmetic interests, orthodontics in Pinner can help in generating improved self-esteem and confidence.

3 Teeth problems that require straightening out

1. Overcrowded teeth

Orthodontics in Pinner work well to correct a common dental issue – crowded or out-of-shape teeth. Dentists can prescribe various treatment methods to manipulate teeth into a better serving position.

2. Prominent upper front teeth

A key concern of upper front teeth that jut out is not that they appear unsightly, but that they could be damaged. A patient often experiences incorrect bite problems and speech impediments, as well as increased risk of tooth loss should an accident to the facial area occur.

3. Teeth that are out of line

Upper and lower jaws that not aligned properly can place unwarranted pressure on the muscles of the jaw, resulting in problems with the jaw. A patient may also experience headaches due to this problem. Dental terms that refer to this problem include excessive overbite and underbite.

Major advancements in the design of teeth-straightening instruments have encouraged adults to take proactive steps towards rehabilitating the function of their teeth. Dental appliances such as clear plastic aligners are a favoured alternative to traditional braces. If a patient is a candidate, some clear brace brands can fix a patient’s smile in as quickly as six months. In addition to speedier treatment duration, another plus point is that plastic aligner trays can be removed by the patient themselves for a limited time (a maximum of two hours) during a day. Patients typically use this time allowance at meal times as traditional braces often present challenges when eating. Treatment plans that include invisible braces do have certain criteria that may apply.

If you are concerned that you have problems with the way your teeth function, the best possible way forward is to schedule an appointment at a dental clinic offering orthodontics in Pinner. At Apple Dental Studios we provide a thorough evaluation procedure that may include having X-rays taken of teeth, and impressions made of upper and lower jaws.

Once our dentist has a comprehensive idea of what the dental problem is, a tailored treatment plan can be designed for a patient. This plan takes into account numerous factors such as a patient’s individual situation, their concerns, desired outcomes and lifestyle needs.

Straighter teeth are now even more possible, with patients no matter what their age, being able to choose between many different types of treatment methods. Let Apple Dental Studios help you to a naturally-aligned brighter smile. Give us a call today.

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