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Why choose Apple Dental Studios for dental implants in Pinner?

As cosmetic dentistry experts, we at Apple Dental Studio are delighted to be able to provide our patients with the opportunity to replace missing teeth via dental implants and prosthetics. Adults can experience missing teeth for a variety for reasons which may affect confidence and self-esteem. Our experienced professionals can replace missing teeth with permanent prosthetics, allowing you to smile again with confidence.

What are dental implants?

Titanium posts are secured into the bone and act exactly like a tooth’s root and will hold a porcelain prosthetic tooth securely and permanently in place. Dental implants can be used if you need just one tooth replaced or even if you require several teeth or all your teeth to be replaced. As methods and technology have advanced so much since the initial introduction of dental implants, patients can now enjoy a comfortable procedure completed in a relatively short period of time. Patients wishing to access treatments for facial aesthetics in Pinner are encouraged to contact us for further information about our dental implant treatments.

Why should I get dental implants in Pinner?

As a Pinner resident, you will want to receive treatment locally and from a clinic you can trust. We are here to be accessible, and to answer any questions you may have about receiving dental implants in Pinner, or about any of the other treatments we provide.

There are many benefits to choosing dental implants including:

  • Dental implants have no impact on healthy neighbouring teeth unlike some other treatments

  • Instantly gives better aesthetically pleasing results

  • Prevents potential bone loss associated with missing teeth and lack of stimulation

  • Implants make eating easier and more enjoyable again

Can I receive further assistance with facial aesthetics at Apple Dental Studios?

Yes! Besides helping you making the best of your smile, our talented dental professionals can provide further treatments to make you look and feel your best. As a popular dental and rejuvenation clinic providing facial aesthetics in Pinner, we are pleased to offer anti-wrinkle treatment, Botox and dermal fillers to patients who would like a fresher, more youthful appearance. Our certified medically trained professionals will assess your requirements and discuss in detail which treatments you wish to consider before conducting any treatment. Our patients are delighted with not only the results of the treatment they receive but with the before and after care they receive from us at the Apple Dental Studios.

Orthodontics in Pinner at Apple Dental Studios

By providing an excellent cosmetic dentistry service, Apple Dental Studios has become known as the clinic to visit for all your dentistry and orthodontic needs. Besides providing dental implants, we also offer teeth-straightening treatments such as Clearstep and Inman Aligner. These discreet, removable braces help to move teeth into the correct position and are created using contemporary technology and procedures. We also provide a referral service to trusted orthodontists to patients who require specific treatments.

For further information about dental implants in Pinner, or to discuss any of our treatments, get in touch today.

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