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Fill the gap: dental implants in Pinner

Are you too embarrassed to laugh freely? Do you have to be careful about how you chew your food? Is a missing tooth or many missing teeth ruining your self-esteem? By getting your dental implants in Pinner at our Apple Dental Studio, we will make a plan of action to help you fill the gap and boost your confidence.

A life with missing teeth

Besides being embarrassing, having missing teeth or large gaps in your mouth can be very challenging. On a physical level, by not seeking out medical advice and sorting out your missing tooth or teeth, you give the other teeth in your mouth a chance to shift or move their position. This could cause further dental problems as you continue to leave the space in your mouth unchecked.

Missing teeth also mean you may have difficulty chewing foods that require more work. And of course, smiling with missing teeth can be embarrassing to any person of any age. By letting our dentists at Apple Dental Studio have a look at your mouth, they can work out a dental plan for you.

Why should I get my dental implants in Pinner?

When you lose a tooth, it can have an effect on your gums, on neighbouring teeth and on your face as a whole. This is because when a tooth is no longer in its place, it will leave a gap in the gum. Usually, each tooth root is held in place by bone and gum tissue. With no tooth the gum tissue and bone are not stimulated, which in turn can affect the overall structure of your face.

It’s of the utmost importance to make a booking to plan your dental implants in Pinner. Inserting the dental implants and recovery will take time, but you can be certain of a sweet reward when you see your new and improved pearly whites. Get in touch with us via our website, or pop into our Apple Dental Studio for more information.

Can anyone get dental implants?

The short answer is yes, almost anyone can have implants. The longer answer is that the success or viability of dental implants depends on your gum health and if your jawbone can support the metal screw implants. If your jawbone is not able to hold the implants, our dentists will recommend different treatment options. Your dentist will also be able to recommend if you should or shouldn’t have dental implants based on certain medical conditions, like diabetes. If it is the case that this procedure is not recommended for you, your dentist will provide you with further options.

The Apple Dental Studio team

We are immensely proud of the team that works in our Apple Dental Studio. Every dentist, nurse, and hygienist works to make sure that they are informed and up-to-date with the latest dental trends. They are also well placed to answer any question you may have (big or small) about dental implants and they are also willing to chat about your concerns. Have a look at the reviews by our patients for more information on our studio and our team.

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