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Can dental implants really change your life?

Before the availability of natural-looking replacement teeth, patients with missing teeth either had to put up with the numerous challenges of losing their permanent teeth or wear dentures that for some patients are embarrassing or uncomfortable to wear. The choice of opting for dental implants in Pinner at our Apple Dental Studio has opened up a whole new world for these patients. This is another chance to enjoy the oft-forgotten benefits of having a functioning mouth with a full set of teeth. With this procedure patients missing a single tooth, multiple teeth and even all of their teeth, can be gifted artificial substitutes that can serve for life, depending on how well they are looked after.

A mouth with missing teeth poses undesirable challenges – physical and psychological - for a patient. The first difficulty is the impact on oral health. Teeth help uphold the integrity of the jawbone and even with a single tooth falling out, the gap created can cause neighbouring teeth to shift position. This can result in new challenges such as misalignment issues which may require orthodontic treatment. A second concern is that normal chewing of foods, especially foods that are hard or crunchy, is made extra difficult.

Psychological challenges centre on self-confidence due to changes in facial appearance. You may feel embarrassed about a gap-toothed smile or feel awkward about carrying out certain job responsibilities like presentations or interviewing.

Dental implants in Pinner can eliminate the above challenges faced by patients. But is it possible for just anyone to opt for this teeth-replacement treatment?

How to tell whether you are an ideal candidate for teeth-replacement implants

The only sure way to know how suitable you are for an implant procedure is a consultation with a dentist experienced in performing these procedures. The most common criteria are as follows:

  • Patients need to be in good oral health

In addition to gums being healthy, a patient needs to have adequate jawbone quality to support the metal screw that will be inserted. Only a dentist can determine if these criteria are met.

All is not entirely lost if bone volume and quality is insufficient, as a dentist can perform a bone graft procedure first. An X-ray can determine the need for this additional procedure.

  • Patients need to be in good overall health

Patients with certain medical conditions may be excluded from being suitable candidates for teeth implants especially if these conditions like diabetes are not controlled. It is also better if a patient is a non-smoker as smoking can compromise the success of treatment.

You may be required to undergo treatment for any more pressing dental concerns before a dentist can give the go ahead for implantation.

Not sure if you are a right fit for an implant treatment? Contact us at Apple Dental Studio today to schedule a consultation for dental implants in Pinner. Our experienced dentist will be happy to assess your situation, provide you with a tailored plan just for you and talk you through the procedure.

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