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Need to see our Pinner dentist for an emergency appointment? A brief guide to what you can expect

When you wake up to a sharp pain under one of your teeth, chances are you will need to see an emergency dental team.

More common than most people realise, dental emergencies can occur for several reasons and, while discomfort is the main reason why emergency dental teams are visited, if you have a cracked or chipped tooth, a loose filling or notice a swelling, it is important to seek out immediate medical treatment.

But is an emergency dental visit like a regular one? What exactly does it entail?

At Apple Dental Studio, we are proud of our dental team and our Pinner dentist can offer slots each day to those experiencing a dental emergency. Our team will treat you with the highest standard of care, while also ensuring that you are comfortable for the entire appointment. Once you leave, you will be able to go about your day as normal, with no discomfort to worry about. Great!

Back to the initial question, what does an emergency appointment with our Pinner dentist involve?


Chances are that when you see our Pinner dentist for an emergency appointment, you will know what the underlying issue is.

However, we will still need to assess your entire mouth, to make sure that what you think is a cracked filling is actually just a cracked filling and not something else. This will allow us to determine the course of treatment.

Treatment or partial treatment

If it is a cracked filling, then our team will be able to treat it successfully with no additional hassle.

With more serious issues such as abscesses, we will only be able to offer partial treatment- don’t worry, we won’t leave you in any discomfort but our emergency team will not be able to offer you a root canal procedure as this is very lengthy and complicated.

Our emergency team will ensure you aren’t in pain and severe cases will be sure to refer you on to a nearby hospital if deemed appropriate, where they can better control the situation.

Prescriptions (if necessary)

For the example of an abscess, if we determine that this is the cause of your discomfort and/or swelling, we will prescribe you antibiotics to control it until you see your regular dental team.

If you have a loose crown which needs restoring, we will be able to provide you with a temporary one until you can attend your follow-up appointment.


Our emergency team at Apple Dental will be able to book you in for an appointment with a member of our general dental team if further treatment is required.

You must attend these follow-up appointments, as not doing so may result in the issue worsening which may lead to you requiring a more extensive and serious procedure to resolve it.

For example, in cases of abscess, you will need to see your regular dental team to have a root canal performed to prevent the abscess from coming back or damaging the surrounding bone.

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