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Apple aids Samaritans

The staff at Apple Dental Studios feel that children from all walks of life should be supported and nutured to become good citizens.They are the future of all communities and  we feel that we can contribute to a better oral health for some of these children who come from a poor and disadvantaged background. Better health with good education and nuturing will give these children a chance to develop individually and give something positive to the world we live in.

In September, we donated oral health products like toothbrushes and toothpastes to be added to gift-filled shoe boxes donated to Operation Christmas Child. The boxes are given to children suffering through war, poverty, etc. in countries in Eastern Europe and beyond. Better oral health leads to reducing other medical conditions such as Heart Disease, Diabetes type 2, Stroke, Mouth Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Lung infections, Adverse pregnancy outcomes, etc.

We as a practice would like to continue this in future, perhaps with places like Africa, South and Central America and some parts of Asia. We firmly believe in educating all our patients - and particularly children - to start early in oral health education and its importance relating to other medical conditions as well as maintaining regular dental checks.

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