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Worried about an upcoming root canal?5 endodontic myths dispelled by Apple Dental Studio

Although a simple and common procedure, many dental patients shudder when they are told by their dental team that they need a root canal. A constant contender in the top 5 most dreaded dental procedures, root canals are commonly used in dental surgeries to restore a tooth that has succumbed to decay, damage or extreme sensitivity. While this has an obvious benefit towards retaining oral functionality, it also enables patients to keep the previously damaged tooth, thus avoiding any aesthetic issues.

Yet, endodontics remain unpopular. Myths about the procedure causing pain or killing the tooth have circulated for a long time, and don’t seem likely to leave any time soon. And, as more patients gain access to restorative procedures like dental implants, it may seem easier to have an extraction followed by an implant.

At Apple Dental Studio, our dentist in Pinner performs root canals as part of a restorative treatment and can advise patients on the benefits of this procedure. Not only that, but we can also promise that you will feel no discomfort when having a root canal performed by our team, allowing you to feel more relaxed during the procedure. Plus, we can colour match the crown or filling to your surrounding teeth, so there is no visual disadvantage to this treatment.

But what are some of the most common myths that our dentist in Pinner wants to dispel about root canals? Read on to find out!

They are painful

So, as a starting point, we want to reassure you that root canals are not painful. In fact, if you have recently suffered from a dental infection, you may find that this process reduces the discomfort significantly. And, as mentioned previously, our dentist in Pinner will always ensure that you are sufficiently numbed before beginning any dental treatment, so there will be no discomfort.

They cause infections

We are unsure of where this myth originated but no, root canals do not cause infections. In fact, as the previous point highlights, they are frequently used to treat infections in the teeth by removing bacteria and infected debris from the pulp.

They will fail

Root canals have a success rate of over 95%, so statistically, they are very unlikely to fail.

And, in the unusual event that your root canal does fail, our team can easily restore it to preserve the tooth again.

They will kill the tooth

Although the name suggests that this procedure involves the root of the tooth, it does not, and actually involves cleaning the pulp. Therefore, having a root canal will not kill the tooth, but will provide you with a bacteria-free tooth that is fully functional. Perfect!

They are too expensive

OK, so we will be honest here; root canals can be pricey! But, when compared to the cost of extraction and the fitting of a dental implant, this procedure is exceedingly affordable. Not only that but as root canals can last over 20 years, they are well worth the money. Brilliant!

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