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Why it is important to have a dentist look after gum health?

Here’s a dental fact that may surprise many – dental health is not all about white teeth. It is about gum health too. When it comes to oral health care, most people will give the lion’s share of attention to their teeth. But it is not only teeth that deserve attention – gums, too, play an indispensable role in the mouth, serving as support to teeth but also as a defence barrier for the body. Patients may not know this, but healthy gums prevent bad bacteria from entering the body where this can lead to infections and aggravate certain medical conditions.

At Apple Dental Studio we offer an all-inclusive service menu with treatments and procedures that protects and restores dental health. Our friendly Pinner dentist is well-experienced in preventive dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry and we can offer modern orthodontic solutions for patients wanting to correct teeth alignment and jaw problems.

It is easy to forget about the gums as the role they play often go unnoticed by patients. After all, it is the teeth that do the biting, chewing and speaking. However, for adult teeth to do all this, and for as long as possible, they need the gums to be in top condition.

Why should you have your gums checked regularly by a Pinner dentist?

Key reasons gums need to be healthy

Poor gum health can cause many problems and will need many trips to a Pinner dentist to treat. Moreover, treating gum disease, especially severe conditions, generally requires long treatment plans.

Gives you a great smile

For a smile to be deemed attractive, it has to display a few must-have characteristics: teeth need to be white, teeth need to be straight and gums need to look healthy (no gum recession, redness or inflammation).

Protects teeth and bone

Gums are wonderfully positioned between teeth and jawbone to offer much needed stability and protection to both. Teeth roots are comfortably nestled in gum tissue where they are able to offer stimulation to the jawbone. Without this stimulation from these roots, jawbone quality will deteriorate.

Protects overall health

Gum health helps to maintain overall bodily health in a number of ways. First, there is physical health, where it has long been known by medical professionals that periodontal disease can exacerbate health problems and contribute to lung infections. Secondly, there is a detrimental effect on nutritional health in that gum problems can present challenges when eating certain vegetables and fruit. This may mean that a patient loses out on essential vitamins and minerals from a wide variety of sources. Thirdly, there is emotional health to consider. Without healthy looking gums, a patient may lose the confidence to offer a wide confident smile. Avoiding social embarrassment is a good reason to have a dentist look after gum health.

Once patients know the importance of looking after their gums, the next question asked is, how does one take care of gums? Fortunately this means doing all those very same things that one does to clean teeth. Brushing twice a day and flossing are non-negotiables. So is keeping to routine professional dental check-ups. Additional habits we recommend are using a suitable mouthwash.

Need to have your gums checked or have questions you would like answered on how best to protect your gums? Schedule a consultation with our capable dentist and we will be happy to address your concerns. Reach out to our front desk team at Apple Dental Studio to arrange an appointment.

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