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Why choose our dental clinic?

We aim to provide all of our patients (especially those who are experiencing dental anxiety) with a friendly and calming dental approach. Our Pinner dentist offers our patients a clean, professional, and soothing dental environment. Our clinic has been applauded by many professional bodies, as well as been shortlisted for a number of dentistry awards. We are proud of the dentistry we provide to our patients, and continue to search for recent developments in modern dental technology to enhance our service provision. Our team always attempt to gain further dental knowledge within their fields, our nurses for example have all completed rigorous training as required by the General Dental Council.

What treatments do you offer at your Pinner dentist?

Our clinic within Pinner does not only offer general, and cosmetic dentistry, but also implant dentistry, also commonly referred to as restorative dentistry. Our general dentistry covers a wide range of simple dental treatments, such as providing dental hygiene, extractions, and emergency dental care. In terms of our cosmetic dentistry, we offer a modern form of tooth whitening (which is growing in popularity), as well as veneers, white fillings, and Invisalign. In addition to general and cosmetic procedures, our clinic also offers many solutions for missing teeth, dental implants at our clinic can be used to rectify not just one, but whole rows of missing teeth within the mouth.

How we treat nervous patients at our Pinner dentist

Despite common misconception, dental phobias and general dental anxiety are extremely common, and can stem from negative childhood experiences. In childhood, many patients may fear the dentist or orthodontist, feelings which can unfortunately be carried into adulthood, as dental treatments get more complex. Many modern dental treatments have advanced to ease the fears of patients, sometimes through the use of a variety of sedation techniques, as well as through discussion of their anxieties.

Our approach

Patients who are suffering from patient anxiety can come and see our clinic and meet our team before their treatment commences. During their initial consultation, patients can inform our team of their queries and concerns, we can then discuss some solutions to their nerves, as well as ensuring they are fully aware of every step of their treatment process.

How do I start my treatment?

Much like with any dental treatment, all of our dentists will commence with an initial consultation. During an initial consultation appointment, we will work with you to determine the best possible form of treatment for you. In order to book your first appointment, patients can contact us directly via our telephone number, or by coming to pay us a visit. If you have a hectic schedule, you can also enquire about possible dental treatments on our website by filling in a few simple details.


At our clinic, we understand that a hefty upfront cost could be considered as undesirable, and may not be possible to meet for many of our patients, this is why we offer interest free credit. The interest free credit scheme we offer our patients enables them to spread the cost of their dental treatment, meaning they can pay in instalments over a period of twelve months.

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