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Why a dental clinic is well placed to offer facial aesthetics services

There is no doubt that our modern society has become self-obsessed with the selfie. And with social media driving this craze, the number of patients seeking to improve their facial appearance has skyrocketed. This demand is met by a lot of competition, from beauty clinics to hairdressing salons. Why, with so many service providers offering a varying range of quick-fix procedures, from Botox injections to anti-wrinkle treatments to improve facial appearances, should patients elect to have these treatments in facial aesthetics in Pinner?

Why should they elect to have them performed in a dental clinic? To answer this question we take a look at some of the benefits of dentists offering non-dental cosmetic interventions to improve patients’ smiles.

5 Reasons to choose a dentist for facial aesthetics in Pinner

In addition to having to place injections daily in the facial region, dentists can provide many other desirable qualifications to providing non-surgical and non-dental facial treatments to achieve younger looking skin. As trained medical professionals, dentists are legally allowed to perform treatments that involve botulinum toxin. There are other attributes which make dentists a good choice for these procedures

1. In-depth knowledge of facial anatomy

A well-qualified and experienced dentist will have an excellent knowledge of key anatomical facial features such as soft tissue, facial muscles and facial profiles and facial dynamics.

2. Assured hand skills for greater precision and accuracy

Having to use fine dental instruments on a daily basis, we find that dental practitioners are able to offer superior precision and accuracy in administering dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections.

3. Experience in carrying out clinical assessment

As a medical professional a suitably qualified dental practitioner is experienced in clinically assessing a patient’s needs and finding solutions to address their concerns. Our dentists at Apple Dental Studio understand the responsibility of ensuring that patients understand the risks involved in treatment services such as any adverse reactions a patient may experience as well as outlining what outcomes a patient can realistically expect.

4. Adherence to high standards in safety

As a dental clinic where the highest standards in safety are a top priority, our dentists pay great attention to infection control which carries into every facet of our treatments menu offering.

5. Multi-disciplinary dental services

Sometimes certain dental issues can affect facial appearances and contribute to an aged look. One such example are missing teeth that can promote a sagging jaw. At a dental clinic a qualified dentist can accurately diagnose dental concerns that may affect overall health and appearance and suggest treatment options to correct issues. For missing teeth, patients can look into next-to-natural dental implants options as an ideal solution.

Dental clinics feature an excellent foundation to administer non-surgical facial treatments. Achieve a more youthful appearance and banish wrinkles for good. Choose from a select choice of procedures; dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections and Botox injections. For safe and effective treatments in facial aesthetics in Pinner, contact Apple Dental Studios today. We also welcome any questions our patients may have about any of our dental treatments.

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