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What are a dentist's responsibilities?What you can expect from our Pinner dentist

So, it's that time of year again- the dental check-up.

Many people are somewhat ambivalent to attending their dental appointments but for others, it can be worrying. Why? Because there is a somewhat lukewarm understanding of what it is that a dental professional can do; can they all pull your teeth if needed? Can they fit braces? And what about cosmetic dental care- can they all perform that?

As being in the dark is an element of anxiety, any nervous dental patient needs to know what their dental team can do.

At Apple Dental Studio, our Pinner dentist will discuss every treatment option with you to ensure that you know each stage of each procedure and will do so in jargon-free language. We pride ourselves on being transparent with our patients and can offer you everything from a general check-up to dental whitening if it is required. Great!

But what else can our general Pinner dentist do and what are their responsibilities? Read on to find out!


It’s obvious, but our Pinner dentist can do more during a check-up than simply look at your teeth and gums.

They can perform X-Rays, fillings, extractions and can even remove plaque from your teeth and just below your gum line. Although unlikely to occur at a general check-up, our general team can also perform root canals, crowns and restorative procedures such as taking moulds for dentures and fitted bridges.


There are many instances in which a regular dental professional will need to refer a patient onto a specialist.

In the majority of cases, the second specialist is a hygienist who may be required to help manage gum disease, but we are also able to refer patients to an orthodontist, an endodontic specialist (for more complex root canal issues) and even a maxillofacial surgeon.


While our hygienist will be able to help with preventive measures, our general dental team can also assist in preventing further issues.

If you have signs of a cavity forming, our team will be able to apply a fluoride sealant to the tooth, to prevent the cavity from developing. Similarly, if there are signs of acid erosion, our team can apply a sealant to protect the enamel and may prescribe an acid neutralising mouthwash.


As much as it may make people cringe, an average dental practitioner can also perform minor surgeries.

At Apple Dental Studio, our team can extract teeth, remove growths (provided that they have been screened and are not cancerous) and can remove benign lumps known as pregnancy granulomas.

In more extreme cases of surgical intervention, our team will be able to suggest what needs to be done to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

Cancer screening

Our general team is also able to examine your mouth, gums and inner cheeks for early indicators of oral cancer.

If we see something suspicious, we are legally required to refer you to an oral cancer specialist, who can diagnose and treat any issues as appropriate.

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