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Want to learn about white fillings? The top 5 benefits of them from our Pinner dentist

In years gone by, if you needed a filling, you would typically be fitted with an amalgam or metal one to restore the strength to the damaged tooth.

However, sturdy metal fillings presented their own set of issues, they would react to heat in the mouth and have been linked in countless studies to cracks forming in the enamel of the tooth. And also, we can’t emphasise this enough, amalgam fillings appear black, grey or green in colour - which is far from the gleaming, dental aesthetics many people want in their mouths.

At Apple Dental, our Pinner dentist uses composite or porcelain fillings as standard and has seen the advantages that they offer to patients over the years. Aside from having a cosmetic benefit, they can also provide a longer life to the restorative, keeping you and your mouth in top condition.

So, what are some of the other key advantages of letting our Pinner dentist fit a white filling over a metal one? Read on to find out!

Natural looking

When you have a filling, you don’t want it to be spotted by other people.

So, one of the key benefits of having our Pinner dentist fit a white filling is its aesthetic appeal; no one will be able to spot it!

Be aware, however, that if you consume acidic drinks or smoke, your teeth may change colour but your filling will look the same, which can create an uneven look to your teeth.

Non reactive

A key advantage of white fillings is that they do not react to hot or cold stimuli in the mouth.

As is the way with metal or amalgam based fillings, when you drink hot drinks, they expand and as they cool, they shrink. This has been linked to cracks forming in teeth which is not great news in the long term. In actuality, this is one of the main reasons why our team uses white fillings for restoratives over metal.


While composite or porcelain may not sound as strong as amalgam, both are extremely durable.

So, when you have a white filling fitted in your mouth, you won’t need to worry about shattering, chipping or breaking it.

But of course, should your white filling do any of the aforementioned unusual things, please contact us right away!

Better fitting

In years gone by, when you would have a metal filling placed, your dental team would need to shape the tooth in a certain way to accommodate the amalgam. As you can imagine, this could be destructive to the tooth and could create micro-cracks in the enamel.

Composite or porcelain are both putty-like before they are cured and so, this allows our team to provide you with a better fitting filling, which prevents decays and allows for better durability.

Long lasting

And as they don’t expand and contract, on average, white fillings last longer than metal or amalgam ones.

Whether they are made from porcelain, composite or a mixture of the two, white fillings have the lowest failure rates of all dental restoratives.

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