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Understanding whether our Pinner dentist is the right dentist for you

Local or best suited to your needs? When looking for a new dental practice, whether due to moving, lack of attendance in the past or just in search of something new, there are many aspects that people consider.

The first being location. More often than not the dental practice chosen is based on the closest proximity to the patient’s home, unfortunately this does not mean that they necessarily get the standard of care that they should be receiving, which is why putting in the research beforehand is important. Following close behind location are often the dental practices recommended by family and friends, which once again, may not provide you with the specific services you require as an individual.

Although the standard of service that you receive is of utmost importance, it is crucial to research what your dental practice has to offer. The dentist that works well for your friend may not be the right dentist for you, so remember to keep your options open if this is the case.

Knowing if the Pinner dentist is for you When visiting the dental practice or calling on the phone for the first time, you want to be greeted with a friendly and approachable service. WIth our lives being filled to the brim with work, social activities and life in general it is all too easy to settle for something less. Whilst this may seem like the most convenient option in the short term, in the long term, having a welcoming service from the dental reception team through to the Pinner dentist will become extremely important. This is particularly necessary if you suffer from a nervous disposition towards your dental visits. At all times you need to feel valued and important, from booking the appointment to attending, so ensure you seek this out.

Along with an approachable, friendly service it is vital to select a dental practice that continues to work on their own personal development and therefore keep on top of the most up-to-date dental services and care. You may have met the friendliest dental team in the world, but if they work on dental care using techniques from the dark ages then it is unlikely they are best suited for your needs. After all, dentistry in both knowledge and technology is continuing to develop at a fast paced rate and therefore finding the dental practice that keeps up with these developments is of the greatest importance, to ensure you are getting the best care possible!

Why select the 5 star treatment? When people see a 5 star review for a place, they may think it is too pricey and steer clear but when talking about the stars we are discussing the standard of care not the price. This means the combination of skill, transparency and friendliness in our service. Working as a team with you is of the utmost importance for our Pinner dentist, so bear that in mind when deciding how to proceed. Your oral hygiene requires a high level of teamwork so do not settle for less.

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