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Understanding the importance of your teeth explained by our Pinner Dentist

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

As we progress through the decades of the 21st century, we become better educated and more aware of how important our bodies are, especially our teeth. Your teeth are, of course, vital to allow you to chew your food properly to aid your digestive system. The state of your teeth can also indicate health problems; diabetes, for example, has been linked to tooth decay. Your teeth also hold the shape of your face and allow you to speak clearly. Mentally, teeth give you the confidence to express your joy and happiness through the way you smile and laugh.

Is oral hygiene being taken seriously?

A survey published in February 2022 noted that the UK is ranked outside the top ten countries in Europe when it comes to oral hygiene. We are also amongst the bottom ten countries in the world concerning how many times we visit the dentist in a year. As a dentist, we find these facts extremely disturbing and are working hard to improve matters.

Technology making diagnosis and treatment easier and more comfortable

Generation Z seems to be leading a revolution, including smoking and drinking less. They are more aware of their appearance and realise that their faces are enhanced by having a healthy set of teeth.

We are all aware of how technology and social media have impacted our lives, and the dental industry has not overlooked the importance of technological advances. Apple Dental Studio, a forward-thinking Pinner dentist, employs the latest technology to support a very competent team. It is important to get a good view of your oral cavity, and to this end, we use our CBCT scanner. This ingenious piece of equipment provides us with high-quality, well-defined 3D images of your oral cavity, including your teeth, gums, jaws, bones and soft tissue. This sort of detail allows us to make a confident diagnosis, which is crucial when designing an individual treatment plan.

Keeping up to date

To be a modern Pinner dentist requires us to stay up to date with the dental advances being made, and to do this, our team regularly attends seminars and training. Dentistry is striving more and more to deliver comfortable and quicker treatments to keep up with the pace of progress. We also understand that while keeping pace with dental equipment and techniques is important, we must always remember that you, the patient, are front and centre. Techniques in calming patients and reducing dental anxiety still require the human touch, and we are constantly working on our “bedside manner”.

Listening to our patients

A major part of dentistry involves the development of relationships with our patients, which allows us to have frank discussions about oral hygiene and dental care. We want our patients to be candid with us, especially when it comes to oral hygiene. We also want to be candid with them when it comes to education and treatments. This open and honest relationship will mitigate dental anxiety and improve the health of your teeth over time.

Need a little extra?

Part of our training is related to the skin, muscles and bones of the head and neck. Because of this knowledge, we are happy to offer some pampering treatment to patients who want a little extra from their dentist. We offer anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments to those who want to achieve a more youthful appearance.

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