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Taking care of your children’s teeth at a dentist in Pinner

Going to the dentist in Pinner at an early age will give your kids something to smile about for years to come because a good first experience is a lasting experience. We at Apple Dental Studio are a family-oriented practice and aim to give your little ones a good start to their dental care and with two free examinations every year until the age of 13. You have no reason not to bring them along with you because regular attendance at childhood encourages the same in adulthood, it just becomes a part of life.

Prevention better than a cure

There are several reasons to let your children see a dentist in Pinner from a young age:

Education - we all know that as a parent you can go on and on about any particular subject but until someone else of authority says it, your kids are likely not to listen to you. Whether it’s their favorite teacher or their new dentist who they were charmed by, once they form a relationship with us they will be more inclined to listen to oral healthcare advice. This advice educates youngsters on the importance of taking care of their teeth and once this is engrained in childhood they will continue with it as adults.

Habit-forming - the earlier we learn good habits the longer into adulthood they last. If your children are used to visiting us twice a year it’s likely that they will continue with checkups into adulthood, keeping their teeth in tip-top shape for most of their lives.

Prevention - through education and regular checkups your children are far less likely to form cavities and other oral ailments that may require some intensive dental work. As prevention is always better than the cure so with fewer difficult experiences in the dental chair the more likely they are to continue the habit of regular checkups without fear.

As your child grows we will be able to monitor how their jaw and adult teeth are forming and can thus determine whether or not any malocclusions are likely to occur. Malocclusions are the misalignment of the jaw causing overbites, underbites, crossbites, or open bites. We will also be able to determine how their teeth will grow over time and so recommend orthodontic appliances if need be.

Eating advice - your dentist will be able to steer you and your child in the right direction when it comes to food, giving your little one the best chance at avoiding invasive treatments later on. Sugary food and acidic fizzy drinks can cause cavities and tooth sensitivity due to enamel erosion and hearing that from a dentist your child may be more inclined to avoid the tempting treats in favor of food that can help maintain good oral health.

Your dentist in Pinner can also provide your child with a protective shield for their growing adult teeth. This is called fissure sealing and is a protective, clear sealant that covers the molars while they grow to protect them from damage and ensuring the longevity of your child’s teeth.

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