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Signs of a dental emergency from our Pinner dentist

Do you have a toothache that is getting worse? Are you concerned that it could be something more serious?

At Apple Dental Studio, our Pinner dentist is proud to be able to offer our patients emergency dental care, to help them resolve any discomfort they are in and get their life back on track.

Here, our Pinner dentist discusses 5 common reasons why you should seek out our emergency dental team.


A big indicator that you need to see our Pinner dentist is discomfort under one of your teeth, when drinking hot or cold beverages, or just a general toothache that is worsening.

If you have discomfort that is distracting you at work, keeping you awake, or preventing you from eating, please book an emergency appointment as soon as possible.


Any swelling to your gums, inner mouth, under your jaw or throat (even if it doesn’t hurt) should be seen as a medical emergency.

In most cases of oral swelling, there will also be discomfort but should it occur without any sensation, you may still have either an infection, impacted tooth or an allergy. It is highly unlikely that oral cancer will present with a sudden swelling, but if there has been a strange lump in your mouth that you have delayed seeking help for, please contact us so we can perform diagnostics.

Should you have an oral infection or an impacted tooth, we may offer antibiotics in the first instance to relieve the discomfort and treat the infection. In cases of impacted teeth or dental infections, you will need to attend a follow-up appointment for either an extraction or a root canal.


If you play contact sports, bleeding from the mouth is something that comes with the territory.

But if your bleed does not subside after 20 minutes of you applying pressure with clean gauze, then you will need to see our team.

We will be able to identify the cause of the bleed, stem it and most importantly, prevent you from losing any more blood.

Lost filling or crown

If you have ever had a filling or crown, chances are you have thought about what may happen if it ever comes loose or falls out.

For most people, this is an uncomfortable experience, as the pulp of the tooth is exposed to the air creating sensitivity. However, if the tooth has had a root canal, you may not feel anything at all. The moment you discover that a filling has come loose or that a crown has come off, you need to contact us for an emergency appointment to prevent either an infection from forming or decay from setting in.

Loose tooth

OK, so a loose tooth is unlikely to come on suddenly (unless you have had blunt force trauma), but such an issue does require an urgent dental appointment.

This will allow our team to assess the cause of the tooth loosening and if possible, to keep it in your mouth by tooth splinting. This is where our team will use a splint or stabiliser, attach it to the base of your loose tooth and bond it to the nearby strongest tooth. If you have had a trauma that has caused your tooth or teeth to come loose, we may need to do this to several of your teeth.

If your tooth has become loose due to gum disease, splinting is not going to be an option until the gum disease has been reversed.

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