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Set up your child for successful dental visits throughout their life with our dentist in Pinner

Getting started from a young age

When a child gets their first tooth it can be extremely exciting, but the thought of visiting our dentist in Pinner is far from their mind. When a child’s teeth first start to develop they are new and undamaged, so their daily care is often pushed aside as an afterthought. The truth is that these are the really pivotal moments of setting up your child for a healthy, oral hygiene system, along with successful dental visits in both childhood and adulthood. From the age of around 6 months regular dental visits will be of great assistance, so as to introduce the process to your child. Whilst the inspection of their teeth may be a little problematic at this stage due to babies and toddlers not understanding why it is important, the positive process of attending the dental practice will put in place the building blocks for success at a later stage.

The importance of using preventive dentistry from the start With a fresh set of teeth, it is important to understand how to care for them and whilst your child may not understand at first, teaching a beneficial oral hygiene procedure is essential in providing healthy teeth going forward. Understandably, a young child particularly as a baby or toddler, will not be able to care for their teeth on their own and may on occasions work against you when you want to clean their teeth. Whilst this time may be rather frustrating and on occasions seem impossible, do not fret and think you are alone. Discuss any difficulties that you may have with our dentist in Pinner so that you can implement a good cleaning process from day one. Putting in the effort within the early stages and teaching your little one how to care for their teeth growing up, is a fantastic way to put in motion preventive care and protect the health of their teeth going forward. How can diet help keep your teeth healthy?

Whilst in a perfect world sugary sweets and all the unhealthy foods and drinks would not be around to tempt us, reality is of course different. Our diet and the diet we provide our children can either promote or hinder their overall oral health. Monitoring the food and drink intake of both yourself and your child is extremely important, so as to prevent invasive treatments and procedures further down the line,

How often should children visit our dentist in Pinner?

Regular dental check-up appointments can vary from person to person, but in most cases a check-up is needed every 6 to 12 months. These check-ups help children and parents or guardians stay on top of their oral hygiene process and receive advice on a different approach should they need it.

Studies have also shown that children who regularly visit the dental practice for positive appointments throughout their childhood are less likely to have fears and anxieties surrounding their visits as an adult. So call up today to get your positive experiences in place.

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