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Seeking guidance from your Pinner dentist

Learning how to care for your teeth properly is something that evolves as you grow and age. Your needs are constantly changing as you react differently to the impacts and strains of your life.

We don’t expect you to be an expert on your oral health care and this is why it is important that you visit your Pinner dentist at least twice a year so that we are able to remove the uncertainty surrounding the health of your smile so that you do not have to worry that something is awry.

Using the latest tools and technology, we closely inspect both inside and outside your mouth for even the slightest changes that can indicate the beginning of excess wear and tear, disease or cavities. This way, a preventive approach can ensure that restorative work is less likely so that your teeth and gums can remain healthy and strong for life.

Can you really keep all of your teeth for life?

Because of how we are used to society and the state of teeth as we age, we tend to associate poor oral health as a general factor of getting older. This actually does not need to be the case and your Pinner dentist can explain to you the differences in the knowledge and resources from several decades ago that make the world of difference in how oral health care is approached today.

From teeth straightening devices to accurate identification of an issue, we are far more likely these days to be able to offer you affordable and useful advice and guidance so that you can actually correct the issue straight away. Our goal for every patient is to encourage strong teeth for 100 years.

The change in focus to preventive dentistry

In years before, there tended to be a focus on restorative dentistry which meant that the identification of a problem was not really made until there was significant damage done and there needed to be a procedure to rectify the complaint.

Often people would not go into their local Pinner dentist until they felt some pain in their mouth associated with the issue.

This obviously meant that teeth were significantly disadvantaged because they were structurally impacted due to the ongoing issues that were not addressed as quickly as possible. Not only were the affected teeth damaged, but the health of your entire mouth as well as your general well being took a hit from that one issue that was left untreated for so long.

As we shift our focus into preventive dentistry, we are able to look at every tooth in greater detail using intensive lighting, high magnification, digital scans and low radiation x rays to gather a very intricate picture of your oral health and each individual tooth, your gums and your jaw.

Should even the beginning of a complication be present, we can quickly jump into action with some preventive treatment whilst monitoring the situation constantly so that we can use restorative options at an early stage if need be, which lessens the impact on your general health.

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