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Pinner dentist, perfect synergy

The way in which modern dentistry is delivered is so entwined with technology that a modern dental practice requires a team that provides the perfect mix of exuberance and experience. At Apple Dental Studio our team provides a set of skills that complement each other, so that we can provide you with the best dental treatment available. As a patient of our Pinner dentist you can be confident that our team has all the skills necessary to be able to treat any dental condition. To keep up to date we regularly attend training and seminars about new techniques and equipment.

Dentistry is more than just teeth and gums

today is more about treating you than treating your teeth. To be able to identify and treat a condition we need to know and understand you as a person. Technology and dental science have changed and enhanced how we deliver treatment, but at the core is you, the patient. We can extract and fill teeth, but dentistry is about far more! To be a Pinner dentist means to be part of the local community and to do this we need to know and understand our patients. Everyone has their own expectations about what they expect from their Pinner dentist.

Maintaining a healthy mouth

Maintaining a healthy mouth sounds very simple, but in fact it requires a concerted team effort. As your team we will guide you, but you have to also fulfil your obligations if you are to keep your teeth for your lifetime. Your whole family should be involved and to help you our friendly welcoming team make it easy for you to bring in any children that you have; as early as one year old, is preferable. We probably won’t examine them until they are older, but it gives them the opportunity to become acquainted with us and the environment of our surgery. This will help to eliminate any dental anxiety that could develop as they grow up. It also allows us to explain to them how to maintain their teeth and gums correctly. In this way the whole family is following the same oral hygiene maintenance regime. If you have a dental emergency just give us a call and we will guide you.

Making sure your smile is always radiant!

As a unit our team has an array of skills and equipment to make sure that your smile never fades. Keeping your teeth white has become a much sought-after treatment and we ensure that yours is delivered carefully. We will always identify the cause of discoloured teeth because sometimes it can be an early indication of some underlying disease. Once we are happy that you are healthy we will create a gumshield and solution specially for you, to ensure that your gums are protected from any chance of irritation. If you have any teeth that are showing cracks, chips or unsightly little gaps our expertise in porcelain veneers will leave you with even teeth and a beautiful smile. For a malocclusion condition resulting in an overbite, underbite, crossbite, etc. we will be able to help you to straighten your teeth discreetly. For a lost tooth we have a team including an experienced dental implant clinician who will replace your tooth permanently.

We also deliver treatments for facial aesthetics

We will not only provide you with expert dental care, but if you feel that you would like to benefit from some anti-wrinkle treatment, then why not have it done by someone you know and trust? Our services are delivered by trained clinicians in the secure environment of our sterilised treatment rooms.

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