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Overcoming a fear of extractions with a Pinner Dentist

There are many different common fears in the public consciousness nowadays. Many of these fears could be considered, in an objective sense, to be irrational in some way. For example a fear of common house spiders who are generally completely harmless and of clowns, who are just entertainers trying to make people laugh could both be considered irrational. Though perhaps, one of the most common and typical fears is that of the dentist. Whether or not this fear is irrational is to an extent debatable, as many people feel they have a good reason to be afraid of the dentist, that being a fear of pain. This fear is often even more prominent in a person when they are having to consider getting a tooth, or multiple teeth, extracted as the fear of pain is then combined with the fear of losing a tooth. However, when visiting the right dentist, such as a Pinner dentist, neither of these fears should be present. This is because a Pinner dentist will be able to perform a tooth extraction in a calm and comforting environment and can carry out the extraction with minimal discomfort to the patient. In fact, contacting a Pinner dentist when you have an impacted tooth (a type of tooth that typically needs an extraction to be performed) can be extremely important, as it can prevent more serious pain and dental conditions from arising without treatment. If you are still worried about getting a tooth extraction then that’s okay. In this article we will go through some of the more specific aspects of a tooth extraction and hopefully provide you with the information to convince you that visiting a Pinner dentist for an extraction, or indeed for any dental issue, is a good decision.

Of course, whether it is a tooth extraction or any other dental treatment that you need, an important decision to make is where you are going to get these treatments. We recommend that you visit our practice, Apple Dental Studio. At Apple Dental Studio, we are very proud of the five star service that we offer to our patients. We believe that the quality of our service is due to both our friendly and understanding staff, who always put the patient’s needs first and our collective knowledge and experience, which we constantly strive to extend and improve upon. Add to this our use of the latest dental technology and you can be sure that we will take the utmost care of your teeth at Apple Dental Studio.

Extractions and Options

Getting the advice of a dental professional is always important before any type of extraction procedure. Your dentist may recommend a tooth extraction if you have an impacted tooth because they can cause intense pain otherwise.

The treatment itself may start with an x-ray of the tooth or teeth. After this, local anaesthetic can be given to the patient depending on the severity of their case. In any case, there should be more sedation options available if you are feeling nervous. The dentist will then use their equipment to carefully remove the tooth, after which recovery time is often very quick for many patients.

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