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Meet the team at our Pinner dentist

We know that choosing a dental clinic you trust can be vital in receiving a high standard of dental care. Our dental team has years of experience in delivering a wide range of dental treatments, every member of our team is fully trained and qualified to deliver a high standard of dental care. Our dentists all adhere to the strict guidelines of the General Dental Council which provides the standards and aims all dentists should be working to.

Not your average dental clinic

Aside from our dentists, such as Maulin Joshi who takes a special interest in cosmetic dental care, and restorative dentistry, we also have hygienists as a part of our team at Apple Dental Studio. One other member of our team, Magdalena Biernacka received her diploma in dental hygiene from King's College London, and has continued to deliver a high quality of dental hygiene education to our patients ever since. In addition to Magdalena we have two other dental hygienists and a dental therapist, ensuring our dental team is capable of handling any dental scenario.

What our patients are saying

Choosing a dental clinic in modern-day dentistry can be difficult, which is why patient reviews are so highly valued within the field of dental work. Our patient testimonials are located on our Pinner dentist website, allowing any of our potential patients to view a glimpse of their future smile. We strongly believe that our patient testimonials are a true reflection of the dental care we provide, so see for yourself and take a look at our website!

A unique dental service

Our Pinner dentist not only uses the latest dental technologies and materials, but we also offer a ‘five star dental service’. We strive to place our patients at the top of our priority list, which is why we always work with them to determine the best possible course of treatment for them. Aside from our high standards of dental care, we also offer flexible payment plans, ensuring all of our patients feel financially comfortable receiving our private dental care.

Lifting the weight from our patients’ shoulders

Within the United Kingdom dental care is free for patients within full-time education, such as college or university, or for those who are under the age of eighteen. Patients who do not match this criteria can receive a reduced rate under the National Health Service (using a financial band system) however many patients may lean more towards private dental health care.

Reducing the burden of dental fees

We believe that patients should never have to compromise on the quality of their dentistry, and the price they have to pay. We believe all of our patients’ dental treatments should be as painless as possible, including the way they pay! At our practice Apple Dental Studio in Pinner we offer our patients something we call ‘interest free credit’.

What is interest free credit?

Interest free credit is essentially a payment plan which allows our patients to spread the cost of their chosen dental treatment at our dental clinic. Interest free credit can help patients pay for their treatments over the time span of twelve months, with a zero per cent interest rate.

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