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Let our dentist in Pinner straighten your smile

At Apple Dental Studio we understand how important a smile is to someone, and how devastating it can be when a smile is not what you want it to be. Having gaps between your teeth or a crooked, uneven looking smile can impact your confidence on a daily basis, from when you are looking in the mirror to when you are trying to dodge that group photograph because you do not want to let anyone see your smile. Instead of letting it get you down, book an appointment to speak to one of our practitioners about how they can help you straighten your smile. Our dentist in Pinner can talk you through all the different treatment options that are available to see which one would be most suited to your individual circumstances. Unfortunately, not all appliances are suitable for severe misalignment issues, so your choices may be slightly more limited if you require more complicated or lengthy treatments, but this is something that your practitioner can inform you about at your consultation appointment.

A variety of fixed appliances to suit your requirements

When people think about getting their teeth straightened it is often a fixed metal appliance that springs to mind, but if you want to find out about what alternative treatments could be available to you we suggest that you book an appointment with our dentist in Pinner. They will be able to tell you about lingual braces, an appliance that fits conveniently on the inside surfaces of your teeth instead of the front surfaces so it is completely hidden from view, as well as other appliances that are more discreet than the traditional metal appliance. Some people favour the traditional nature of the metal appliance but do not like the metal brackets that are easily seen and considered to be unsightly. Clear braces are now available and consist of clear brackets instead of metal ones, using clear or tooth coloured wire to connect them instead of a metal one, making it much more difficult to spot when someone is wearing this appliance.

Are you looking for a more discreet appliance?

Here at Apple Dental Studio we understand that having braces is a big commitment and that some people are reluctant to undergo treatment when they are an adult because they feel “too old” to be seen wearing teeth straightening appliance. This is why at our dentist in Pinner we offer Invisalign, a way to straighten your teeth in as little as six months. Not only is the overall treatment time significantly shorter with this treatment but the appliances themselves are entirely removable and made from a clear plastic that becomes almost invisible when being worn. This means that it is a much more discreet treatment than others, and whilst patients need to ensure that they are wearing their appliance for at least twenty-two hours a day, its removable nature means that they can still enjoy brushing their teeth and eating as they did before. Unfortunately, this treatment is not suitable for those patients who have severe misalignment issues. If you are unsure as to whether this treatment could benefit you we recommend that you book an appointment to see one of our practitioners so they can carry out a full assessment of your teeth.

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