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How can a dentist help protect children's teeth?

At Apple Dental Studio we offer superior dental care for children. We have a child-friendly and compassionate dentist in Pinner experienced in treating poor oral health in children.

Dental care for children continues to be a great concern with numbers of children (as young as three) being admitted to hospital for tooth extractions remaining unacceptably high. One only has to look at the diet to find out why.

Modern lifestyles invariably mean, more often than not, resorting to fast, convenient meals as many families just do not have the time to prepare wholesome meals from scratch. Foods and beverages to satiate hungry stomachs are typically high in sugars and acids, which in high amounts and on a frequent basis, are serious threats to oral health.

High levels of sugars and acids present in the mouth draw minerals out of teeth which weakens the enamel and makes them more vulnerable to attacks from plaque. Sugars and acids also create a welcome environment in which bad bacteria love to thrive, making it more than likely that cavities will form.

But here’s the thing we would like to bring to the attention of parents: Cavities do not spring up overnight, they take time to form. There are signs to lookout for that point to the danger of cavities and therein lies the key to preventing tooth decay. Spotting the signs means that a dentist in Pinner can put in place certain measures to protect children’s teeth so that they don’t have to experience the trauma that accompanies decayed teeth.

Unlike adult teeth, milk teeth are only meant to serve a limited shelf-life but this does not mean they should be neglected. Dental authorities advise that parents take children around the age of one to have their first oral check-up at a dentist in Pinner. Here’s why.

Why dental care for children is important

Keep dental problems to a minimum

Having a trained and experienced eye on the regular lookout for troubling signs is one of the best ways to secure dental health. Our dentists know which areas of the mouth to pay attention to in order to identify red flags and take appropriate action to stop the problem from escalating further.

Learn good oral habits

We are able to advise parents on how to implement a good oral hygiene programme at home. We can also recommend child-appropriate dental tools and specially formulated products for children to use. Even milk teeth need to be brushed and flossed daily, and learning these habits from a young age will encourage children to continue to protect their oral health when they are adults.

Benefit from preventive treatments

There are a number of treatments we offer that protect teeth from decay. For children, fluoride treatments are quite popular and very effective. Fluoride is applied to the surface of enamel and helps to mineralise teeth, making them stronger to resist attack from bad bacteria.

When looking for quality dental care for children, choose Apple Dental Studio. We are a modern dental practice with a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. If your child’s one year old or needs dental care, give our front desk a call today to schedule an appointment.

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