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Fancy award-winning treatment from a dentist in Pinner at Apple Dentist Studio?

If you’ve been thinking about finding a new dentist in Pinner, then you needn’t look any further than here at Apple Dental Studio. Apple Dental Studio has been shortlisted for many major awards and has won one of them. The awards we have been shortlisted for are The Private Dentistry Awards, The Dentistry Awards, and The Smile Awards. For top-quality care from a dentist in Pinner, you need to come to see us and let us take care of you. With a wide range of dental treatments, you won’t need to be referred elsewhere for specialist treatment. We can cater for all your needs here in our practice. We also offer facial aesthetic treatments to complement your fabulous smile. One of our treatments that some dental practices don’t offer is dental implants. Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth and stabilise the replacement teeth you are having fitted, so that they stay in your mouth all the time and don’t need to be removed, offering the most natural experience for replacing your teeth.

How they work

Dental implants are metal screws that are fitted into the jawbone and become securely placed once the gums have healed around them. To these screws, we can then attach the replacement teeth. Depending on how many teeth you are having replaced, we can either use crowns, bridges, or dentures, so that you can have a single tooth, multiple teeth, or a whole set replaced respectively.

Why should I have dental implants?

If you want the most natural solution to having the gaps in your smile filled in, then opting for dental implants should do the job. Firstly, nobody will be able to see that you don’t have all of your natural teeth, once your replacement teeth are fitted, because we will ensure that they are the appropriate size, shape and colour to complement each other and any natural teeth you still have. Secondly, dental implants ensure that these replacement teeth shouldn’t loosen, when you are eating or talking, so you shouldn’t feel self-conscious about chatting freely or eating whatever takes your fancy. You can also clean your teeth easily after food, because all you need to look after your dental implants is brush and floss. You should also come and see us for your routine check-ups to make sure your dental implants last for as long as possible. Dental implants can last a whole lifetime if you take care of them properly.

Another benefit of choosing dental implants is the fact that you should be able to chew your food properly by filling in the gaps in your smile. You could reduce jaw pain in doing so, as well as improve your speech. However, one of the less well-known advantages to having no gaps in your smile, aside from protecting the remaining teeth and gums from being exposed more to infection, is the fact that you could even look younger! This is because your face can shrink with missing teeth and when you replace them, your face has the structure it requires to look more youthful again as the skin is supported and is therefore smoother again.

Don’t delay!

Whatever your reasons for finding a new dentist, don’t put off what can be done today, because your oral health is highly important and here at Apple Dental Studio, we have a friendly, experienced and award-winning team who are ready to give you great care and get you a happy and healthy smile. With all the treatments you could need under one roof, there's never a better time to find out which ones could be suitable for you by simply booking in and coming for a consultation. Carpe diem!

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