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Different types of braces with our dentist in Pinner

Neatly aligned teeth are important for a beautiful smile, good dental health and general self-confidence. If you would like to improve the alignment of your teeth you need to speak to our dentist here at Apple Dental Studio and find out about the different orthodontic options that are available for you. There are many different types of braces with their own advantages and our dentist in Pinner will help you choose which are the best braces for you depending on your personal preferences, your age, your individual dental needs, your budget and the length of time that you are willing to spend in treatment for straightening your teeth.

Braces can be divided into 4 main categories. These are metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces and invisible braces.

Metal braces

Metal braces are the most tried and tested orthodontic braces. They are commonly seen in teenagers and are ideally suited for complex orthodontic issues. They are made of metal brackets and wires which are strong and sturdy and help achieve excellent results. They are the most cost-effective amongst the different types of braces; however they are also the most visible and noticeable in the mouth. If you are looking for discretion or you are self-conscious and do not want to draw further attention to your mouth then you can speak to our dentist in Pinner and find out about the other options.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces function in the same way as metal braces, but they are tooth coloured which means that they are significantly less visible and more subtle. If you are self-conscious about wearing braces then ceramic braces are a good option for you. Ceramic braces are more expensive than traditional braces, but they allow you to straighten your teeth more discreetly.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are different to metal braces and ceramic braces in that they are fixed to the inside of your teeth. This means that they are almost invisible from outside the mouth. If aesthetics are a major concern for you then lingual braces could be the solution. They are also highly efficient at straightening teeth, however they can be difficult to clean and it is important that you maintain excellent dental hygiene practices to avoid tooth decay or gum disease with lingual braces. Lingual braces are more expensive than metal braces and ceramic braces, however they allow you to address complex orthodontic issues without drawing unwanted attention to your mouth.

Invisible braces

Invisible braces are very popular in that they have no brackets, wires or rubber bands, rather they work using a set of clear thermoplastic aligners which snap onto your teeth. They are different to the other three categories which are fixed braces, invisible aligners are removable. Here at Apple Dental Studio we use Invisalign which is one of the most popular brands of invisible brace across the world. They are ideally suited for mild or moderate orthodontic issues and help straighten your teeth discreetly and at your convenience. With Invisalign it is important that you are dedicated to the treatment and that you follow the protocol strictly for optimal results. Invisalign can be more expensive than fixed braces, however here at Apple Dental Studio we are able to offer you payment plans for your treatments for your added convenience. Speak to our dentist in Pinnertoday and find out which is the best option for you.

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