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Common dental emergencies highlights by our dentist

Are you worried that your toothache isn’t getting any better? Does it need a same-day trip to see our team?

At Apple Dental Studio, our dentist in Pinner can provide same-day appointments for people suffering from dental emergencies, to help get you out of discomfort and back on track as soon as possible. So, if your tooth hurts or you have concerns about another issue with your mouth, give us a call!

But what are some of the most common emergencies that our dentist in Pinner handles daily? Read on to find out!


99.9% of all dental emergencies that our dentist in Pinner sees are related to discomfort. But this can be quite a cryptic term to quantify.

So, if you have pain under one of your teeth that feels like a throbbing or burning, then you should contact us right away, as this could be the start of an abscess.

However, we are also aware that intermittent toothache can be problematic and could be indicative of tooth decay and an exposed nerve. Or, if you have had a filling or crown in the tooth that is hurting, it may be loose.

Long story short, if any of your teeth hurt when you eat or drink hot beverages when exposed to cold air or by themselves, call us for an emergency appointment!


Even if it doesn’t hurt, swelling in the mouth, on the gums or under the jaw bone is a sign that you need a dental check-up.

While 99.9% of most of the emergencies we see present with discomfort, 0.01% don't, (roughly!) but that doesn’t make them any less serious! Swelling in these areas could point to an impacted wisdom tooth, an abscess under a tooth that has had a root canal or even an issue with your jaw bone. So, please call us if you have swellings anywhere in your mouth!

Lost crown or filling

Nobody likes losing a restorative but, sadly, they can have quite short lifespans, especially if they are made from amalgam.

As before, most people who have lost a restorative will have some level of discomfort that will get them to see our team promptly (especially sensitivity when drinking hot or cold things), but even if you have a filling that has fallen out and doesn’t hurt, you still need to see us.

This is because bacteria in your mouth cling to rough edges and having a lost filling or crown is more than a rough edge! This can lead to further tooth decay or bacteria getting to the pulp and causing an abscess.


Ever chipped a tooth? Or cracked one? Then our team needs to see you, pretty much for the same reasons as stated before with a lost restorative.

Chips and cracks in the enamel can allow bacteria to get under the tooth and cause chaos, so get any cracks fixed by us pronto!


We will be specific here; if you have recurring ulcers in the same part of your mouth, or you have an ulcer that is larger than or the same size as a 5 pence piece, come and see us immediately!

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