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Braces with our Pinner dentist

It is important that you visit our Pinner dentist here at Apple Dental Studio on a regular basis to make sure that your teeth are clean and healthy, and that your gums are strong and free of disease. If you are suffering from dental health complications then you need to visit our Pinner dentist more often and we can help you find ways to improve your dental health. Straightening your teeth is a great way of stopping plaque and tartar getting a grip on them, as well as reducing the chances of developing cavities, tooth decay and gum disease. Straightening your teeth also helps improve the appearance of your smile, which means that it has many advantages and can benefit the future of your teeth and gums at the same time. Speak to our Pinner dentist and find out about orthodontic treatment for you.

Fixed braces

There are different types of braces available here at Apple Dental Studio to meet your unique dental needs as well as your personal preferences. We can offer you traditional orthodontic treatment which uses metal braces consisting of brackets and wires that are attached to the front surface of your teeth and apply constant pressure to them to push them into a neater formation. For a more discreet treatment option you can find out about clear braces which are exactly the same, however they use ceramic or tooth coloured brackets and clear wires so that the braces are significantly less visible in your mouth. Fixed braces are ideal for patients with complex orthodontic issues so speak to our Pinner dentist and let us put together a treatment plan for you.

Six Month Smiles is another form of fixed braces that are available here at Apple Dental Studio. As the name suggests, Six Month Smiles should be able to straighten your teeth in less time than traditional metal braces, ideally six months and is better suited for patients with mild or moderate orthodontic issues. It can also be used as part of a combined treatment plan with another form of braces to create optimal results.

Removable aligners

If you have less complex orthodontic issues then you may wish to speak to us about removable aligners. Here at Apple Dental Studio our dentist can offer different types of removable braces that will help improve the alignment of your teeth, reduce dental health complications and improve the appearance of your smile at the same time. ClearStep uses clear thermoplastic aligners to improve the alignment of your teeth. These aligners are almost invisible when they are in your mouth and they apply gentle pressure to your teeth to push them into a neater formation, using a sequence of carefully designed aligners that can be taken out of your mouth and replaced as necessary. They are discreet and convenient at the same time which means they are a great choice for adult patients who are looking to improve the appearance of their teeth. With Clear Step you can improve the alignment of your smile within six to eighteen months.

Our dentist at Apple Dental Studio will carry out a specialist three-dimensional scan to assess your teeth accurately and help decide which is the best option for you, so speak to our dentist today to find out more.

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