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About our dental clinic

Choosing a dental clinic can be extremely hard, and patients may base their decision on a variety of factors such as location, pricing, and their work and social life. Our dentist in Pinner believes our dental clinic offers a high standard of dental professionalism, with a passion for delivering high quality dentistry. Our clinic has been recognised as an outstanding professional dental practice, and has consequently been shortlisted for and won a major dental award.

Modern dental advances

Our dentist in Pinner believes our dental clinic offers a high standard of dental professionalism, with a passion for delivering high quality dentistry.

Our dental clinic is constantly on the hunt for modern advances within dental technology, ensuring our patients receive the highest possible level of dental service. Our clinic strives to use the best possible dental technology, such as computerised dental records, in order to make the process as seamless, and as painless as possible.

Meet the team at our dentist in Pinner

All of our highly trained and qualified dental health care professionals embody compassionate dentistry at the heart of everything they do. We boast a welcoming reception team, in addition to our dentists, nurses, and specialist hygienists.

Our approach

At our dentist In Pinner we understand how overwhelming dentistry can be (especially for those who suffer from a dental phobia), this is why we aim to put our patients at ease, using a combination of dental skills, and a kind and friendly approach. During emergency dental situations, we work with our patients to determine the best possible course of action going forward allowing them to stay in control of their situation.

How to find us

Located on our website, we ensure our exact location (as well as contact details) are always readily available for our registered, and potential patients. Located in Middlesex, we are situated just two minutes away from the Pinner underground station (metropolitan line), bus routes 183, H11, H12, and H13, all pass our dental clinic, meaning our patients have flexibility in their choice of public transport.

Not travelling on public transport?

We understand that our patients may all decide to reach us in different ways, which is why we also offer a convenient assortment of up to sixty car parking spaces directly opposite our dental clinic.

Give us a call!

If you are considering treatment with us, we always welcome new patients to call us directly (our number is located on our website), if they wish to book an initial consultation, or have any queries or concerns regarding their dental treatment. Some of our patients with hectic work and social schedules may prefer to contact us by filling in a few simple personal details via our website form.

Flexible opening hours

At our clinic in Pinner we understand that many of our patients may require flexible opening times, which is why we strive to accommodate all of our patients’ needs. Within the week we are open from as early as 8.30 am to as late as 5.30 pm in the evening, however we are also open on alternating Saturdays.Many of our patients require weekend appointments, which is why we open every other Saturday at our clinic, ensuring all of our potential patients can visit our clinic, when it best suits them.

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