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A Pinner dentist for tooth extractions

It is probably one of the most dreaded procedures for people when they think about going to the dentist but in reality, all tooth extractions are performed under some kind of anesthetic thus making them a painless experience. We at Apple Dental Studios, your Pinner dentist, have created an environment of ease and comfort for all your dental procedure experiences and understand that setting your mind at ease will help lower your potential anxiety when it comes to needing one or more teeth extracted.

Reasons for extraction

Advanced gum disease and tooth decay - there are times when a tooth is chipped or damaged and it can be saved with some careful dental work but in the case of advanced problems like gum disease and tooth decay where we cannot save a tooth, it will need to be taken out. A consultation may require an X-ray so that your Pinner dentist can properly see the damage that isn’t visible on the outside to determine if the tooth can be saved or not.

In the case where the tooth needs to come out, a local anesthetic will be applied to the area so that you feel nothing during the procedure; if you are particularly nervous or even phobic we can offer to place you under sedation for the whole experience to help keep you calm and relaxed while we work. The whole tooth, root and all will be extracted and the area cleaned out of all decay.

Your dentist may recommend beforehand what type of replacement you may need for the tooth later on but for this part at least you will be stitched up and sent home with antibiotics to take care of any infection that may occur post-surgery and to clear up the rest of the gum disease you may be suffering from.

Impacted wisdom teeth - this is often a surgery that is performed under a general anesthetic as it can be quite a lengthy and difficult procedure depending on how the teeth are growing. Wisdom teeth grow in your adult years and for some people, they cut through the gums with ease, and once they’ve finished growing there are no longer any problems. For other people, they don’t grow straight upwards or there is not enough place in your mouth for them to come out so they begin to grow beneath the other back teeth causing pain and even headaches.

These are what’s called impacted wisdom teeth and they need to be surgically removed to prevent the other teeth from shifting and becoming crooked as well as stop headaches and other oral pain in its tracks. Once you are asleep, your Pinner dentist will perform your surgery and there may be a fair amount of swelling afterward. People are usually sent home still groggy from the procedure with over-the-counter medication to manage any pain - it may be necessary to eat soft foods for a few days post-surgery but the healing process is fairly quick with you feeling back to normal after about a week.

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