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A modern, fresh and vibrant dental practice in Pinner

At our practice, twenty-first century dentistry is delivered in a fresh, modern environment by a well-trained team of dental staff, all with a passion to deliver the best dental care possible to our patients. All the staff at this Pinner dentist regularly keep up to date on the latest techniques and equipment.

A patient-centric approach

All our staff are trained to focus on our patients, to adopt a candid approach and listen attentively to ensure that no misunderstandings occur. When suggesting a treatment we encourage our patients to ask questions until we are satisfied that they understand. The final decision of whether to go ahead with treatment is always down to the patient.

Preventive dentistry

Being progressive also means being responsible and we motivate our patients to embrace a proper and complete oral hygiene routine. We understand that the pressures of modern life can cause them to sometimes neglect to fulfill the requirements of their oral hygiene care. It is important, however, that overall a good, regular, oral care regime is maintained. Education of all family members about the correct method of brushing and flossing is part of our preventive dentistry. Patients’ needs are not all the same and we also advise on the correct selection of toothbrushes which should be changed regularly, preferably every three months. Children should be brought into the surgery at a young age so that they can become comfortable in the environment and around our staff. As a forward thinking Pinner dentist we strive to develop a relationship with all our patients so that they can feel relaxed when they attend for an appointment.

Technology helping to make accurate diagnoses

At this Pinner dentist, we understand how modern science and technology can help to make accurate diagnoses and we are particularly proud of our cone beam computed tomography scanner. This amazing piece of equipment allows us to produce high resolution, clearly defined images of your mouth, which can be crucial when deciding on a course of treatment that is best for you.

All the dental treatments under one roof

It is always easier to have dental treatment from a dentist that you are familiar with rather than having to go to another surgery for certain treatments. We offer the full range of treatments in general dentistry, which includes prevention advice, extractions, root canals, fillings and children’s dentistry. We provide cosmetic dentistry, from teeth whitening and veneers to white fillings. And misaligned teeth correction using the latest braces and aligners will help to put a broad smile on your face. Unfortunately tooth loss does happen and our team can expertly assess which treatment is best for you. We can provide dentures, bridges, dental implants and will discuss all options suitable with you.

Aesthetics are important in today’s world

Our expertise and knowledge also extends to facial aesthetics and we are able to offer some pampering to those patients who choose to avail themselves of the procedures that we have available. Non-surgical, anti-wrinkle procedures are performed in our sterile and safe treatment rooms, consisting of dermal fillers and Botox treatment.

A modern dentist for a modern world

Apple Dental Studio is a modern dental surgery providing treatments and procedures for twenty-first century patients in a contemporary, well-equipped, bright and fresh surgery.

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