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Children’s Dentistry

We at Apple Dental Studios are a family-oriented practice where children are always welcome and recommended to start their dental checks from a young age.

Remember, at Apple Dental Studios, children get 2 FREE examinations every year until the age of 13, as long as at least one of the parents is a patient of the practice. 

We want to encourage regular dental attendence throughout childhood, so that children grow up with the knowledge and confidence to look after their teeth and gums for their whole life.​

It is never too early

Excellent oral hygiene skills are taught from a young age, so it becomes a natural habit for the children.

Eat your way to a great smile

Good and correct dietary advice is given to children and their carers to compliment their oral hygiene routine. This will promote healthy development of both teeth and gums, reducing the need for invasive dental treatment in the future.

Prevention is better than cure

Regular dental checks are strongly recommended so that any problems are picked up early and can be treated before they become serious.


A protective shield for your teeth

Fissure sealing is a very simple yet effective dental procedure which involves coating the first emerging molars with a clear sealant. This protects the deep fissures of a newly-emerged molar from the possibility of food getting trapped in the chewing surface of the tooth and leading to decay. This is just an aid to excellent dental hygiene, not an alternative to regular brushing!

Good gums keep bad bugs away

Regular hygiene appointments are encouraged to ensure correct brushing techniques and promote good gum health.

Grow straight and strong

With regular dental checks, dental problems associated with the growth of the jaw and teeth can be monitored and appropriate orthodontic treatment can be initiated at the right time.

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