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How do you choose a dentist?

What are your goals when you visit a Pinner dentist? Do you merely wish to be treated for your dental issue to relieve the pain without caring for the experience you have? Or, do you seek a positive patient experience on your dental visit?

There is much to be said for the positive patient experience, especially at our Pinner dentist. Positive patient experiences contribute significantly to reduced dental phobia, patient satisfaction and perhaps the best benefit of all – the encouragement of a lifelong proactive attitude towards dental health. It must be remembered that dental care does not just ensure good oral health, but the pleasing aesthetics of your smile too.

It is for all these worthwhile reasons that we at Apple Dental Studio believe it is of the utmost importance to be very selective in your choice of Pinner dentist.

In today’s blog, we discuss some of the more distinctive qualities that make for a standout dentist.

What traits make for an ideal dentist?

An ideal dentist is defined by their unique set of personality traits as well as the powerful combination of their qualifications, experience and skills. There are a number of traits that an ideal dentist should showcase.

Competence and expertise form the groundwork of an ideal dentist. A high level of competence is a sure-fire way to be confident in the dental care offered. Accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment plans depend on the competence and knowledge of the dentist.

Empathy is without doubt a highly desirable quality to have in a dentist. The nature of dental care means having a dentist work in close proximity to the patient, within the confines of the oral cavity. This is a sensitive area to work in and dental issues are often accompanied by pain and discomfort. Not only this but more often than not, patients are embarrassed by the state of their oral health and an empathetic and compassionate dentist can put them at ease and provide care without judgement.

An ideal dentist will show off outstanding communication skills. He or she will be able to explain complex concepts in an easily understood way. He or she will also encourage questions to ensure all your doubts and fears are addressed.

You know you have found an ideal dentist if they put your interests first. This is a hallmark of professional integrity. Treatments should be suggested based on your needs as a patient and a level of transparency when it comes to treatment options and cost.

A good dentist will place safety and ethics as a top priority in the practice. Adhering to safety protocols and professional codes of conduct will form the basis of the dental care they offer.

Your dental health is not just for the here and now, so an ideal dentist will look at your oral health for the long term. You will require the use of your teeth and your smile throughout your life, so find a dental practice where preventive dentistry is a core part of their service menu.

It is only in finding the right dentist that you can expect to receive excellent oral care. Make your next oral health check-up with us at Apple Dental Studio and see for yourself why we are renowned for superior quality dental care.



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