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Dental Implants and All-on-4 from a dentist in Pinner

We all want to be appreciative for everything we have. Whether that means thanking a friend, giving to charity or just taking a moment to stop and reflect on how lucky we are, it is nearly always good to be thankful for what we have. Having said that, it is also natural for us to take things for granted. This can be particularly true with our health. For example, many of us will use our abilities to see, hear and eat without discomfort every day without thinking about how we are very fortunate to be able to do these things. Often, it is only after we can’t do one of these things anymore that we learn to appreciate how valuable it was to us. Take for example that last example, being able to eat without discomfort. This is an ability many of us enjoy due to having good oral health and a full set of strong, healthy teeth. Yet even the strongest and healthiest teeth can be weakened by tooth decay or as a result of an accident that causes them to break or go missing entirely. If this happens our ability to eat, drink or even speak without discomfort may suddenly be taken from us. However, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a reason to be afraid. You can still appreciate and use your ability to eat without discomfort through the help of dental implants. Ideally, if you need to get dental implants then you should look to a dentist in Pinner, who will be able to give you advice about this treatment and examples of what type of dental implant may be right for you. The type of dental implant that we are going to take a particular look at in this article is called “All-on-4”. As for why it is called this and why you should look specifically for a dentist in Pinner to receive this treatment, will be answered shortly as we read ahead.

By visiting a dentist in Pinner, you can become acquainted with our practice, Apple Dental Studio. Here at Apple Dental Studio, we have an experienced team of dentists and hygienists who are undertaking continuous professional development to ensure that we offer our patients the highest quality dental care. This high level of quality is evident from our recognition by many professional dentistry bodies, such as The Dentistry and Smile Awards.

Dental Implants and All-on-4 All-on-4 is a type of dental implant procedure that allows patients to replace their dentures with fixed teeth. It is typically named as such because it can use a set of four dental implants to replace an entire row of teeth. In this treatment the implants are placed at a 45 degree angle as this increases the strength of the implants and their ability to support a fixed bridge.

During treatment, a provisional bridge can be fitted to the dental implants. This allows the patient to walk out of their treatment with a full set of fixed and supported teeth, without having to wait for months for the gums and jawbone to heal.

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