Cosmetic Dentistry

AppleSmileCosmetic Dentistry is all about your smile. Your smile is the first thing the people you meet see, and first impressions are so important. We can use a variety of techniques and procedures to give you a great-looking, healthy smile.

Every patient is different, and we always start with a free, informal consultation with our Treatment Coordinator, to put you at your ease and to discover what you want to achieve, and the possible treatments that might be available for you.

Teeth whitening

Natural teeth are not pure white, but very slightly yellow. However teeth can become discoloured for various reasons and in many cases will look more attractive if they are lightened. We use Zoom!™ power whitening to lighten the colour of your teeth in under an hour. If used in conjunction with our home version, some fantastic results are achievable. 

Teeth Straightening

The branch of dentistry known as Orthodontics covers techniques used to straighten teeth by moving them within the mouth. Commonly performed in adolescence to correct problems that became apparent when the teeth grew in, similar techniques can be used to achieve a more uniform, attractive smile at any age. In recent years more and more adult cosmetic orthodontic treatments have been developed and we can offer the following:-



smileSometimes we only need to improve one or two things in the "smile zone" (the front teeth visible when you smile)  to achieve some lovely results. This can improve your confidence and transform the appearance or your entire face. 

The treatment can consist of various combinations of the following:-

  • Teeth whitening
  • Cosmetic contouring (used to reshape a misaligned tooth)
  • Minor adjustment of the position of teeth
  • Simple bonding of tooth-coloured composite resin to correct minor chips, gaps or other irregularities
  • Prophy Jet cleaning and polishing by a hygienist

Dental veneers

A wide variety of “tooth coloured” materials ranging from composite resin to porcelain are used to restore decayed, broken or chipped teeth ranging from composite resin to porcelain. This procedure might be appropriate if you have:-

  • discoloured teeth which cannot be whitened
  • single or multiple crowded teeth where orthodontics is not feasible
  • chipped teeth with old restorations
  • worn down teeth

We use one of the top dental laboratories in the UK.


Metal-free crowns

Our laboratory provides the latest generation of white, very tough, metal-free crowns. They give a natural look with no dark lines at the gum margins that used to be a problem with older materials.


Cosmetic dentures

When used in conjunction with implants we find patients can eat and smile confidently without any worries.
We use one of the best laboratories in the UK which can create very “natural” looking teeth on dentures.


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