Full Mouth Restoration

after 002 before 002

This patient had everything! Worn-down teeth, missing teeth, decay and loss of bite.

They required 18 months of treatments and rehabilitation to achieve the full-mouth restoration. As you can see the results were well worth it! 

Single Tooth Whitening

after 003 before 003a

One tooth was discoloured due to a sporting injury. We achieved an excellent result with single-tooth whitening, a relatively simple and affordable procedure. It gave the patient exactly what they wanted without embarking on complex treatments.

Single Tooth Restoration

before 004 after 004

This was an extremely difficult case, to match a single heavilly discoloured tooth to the colour of the natural teeth surrounding it. We always use a top-quality lab for our veneers and crowns and this case shows how important it can be.

Natural Looking Crowns

after 005 before 005

This patient had multiple crowns, and just looking at the main picture you would be hard-pressed to say which where the crownd and which were natural teeth. We use a top-class lab to ensure that there is an excellent colour match, and the crowns have natural-looking shape and staining as well.

Teeth Whitening

after 006 before 006

Full mouth Teeth Whitening. Excellent results are achieved in just 90 minutes using our Zoom!® whitening system.

Denture on Implants

after 7 before 7

This was a complex case, mounting dentures on implants to achieve a true transformation. The use of implants makes a very stable bite and the patient can enjoy eating again without having to worry about dentures moving when biteing. No wonder the patient is smiling now!

Implant and a Crown

after 10 before 10

A missing tooth was restored with an implant, and the next tooth had an older, failing, restoration that was replaced with a crown. This wasn't just cosmetic, it improved the patient's bite which will make eating more comfortable and stop a lot of problems associated with missing teeth in the future.

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